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Vintage Fashion Insiders Guide

We take a walk through our Thursday Antiques Market with fashion buyer Debra McCann, of The Mercantile London.

Owner of our ever-fashionable independent The Mercantile London, Debra McCann is part of a new wave of retailers championing sustainable style over fast fashion.  Ahead of Mercantile’s Eco Day this Thursday and the Market Fashion Re:boot event, she shares her favourite stallholders at our Thursday Antiques Market, packed with vintage fashion finds.

Every Thursday at crack of dawn the stallholders must set off from their homes to be set up on the weekly Vintage and Collectors Market by 8.30am.

I’m a big fan of vintage, always have been, but more so than ever now, with the Climate Emergency and spotlight on every industry to act more responsibly.  So whilst we can cut back on our dairy and meat intake, what can we do about our clothes shopping habits?  Buy a bit more vintage to mix in with the new, rotate and you still have a great wardrobe at less cost to you and the planet.

Here are my top picks from the regulars that are there most weeks.

@sistersofthemoon just has the most beautiful eye for 80’s and 90’s pieces that feel just so contemporary.  I think a lot of buying teams head here real early as she has some champion bits and curates the stall so well.  When it’s gone it’s gone so first port of call every time!

@propositionclothing specializes in Russian and French mainly workwear.  The Russian pieces normally embroidered and really delicate are so special, workwear from France is generally patched and repaired by hand giving an overall feel of a designed collection there is also a fair amount of Japanese workwear from time to time and also German post war pieces.

Next door but with no instagram account is a girl with a passion for 30s , 40s and early 50s dresses, suits and blouses, also some beautiful accessories and millinary.

Silk and Rope are longstanding stallholders and have built up a huge following. Enrique has a great eye and some very special pieces that you can buy or rent, so if you have an occasion but not the budget to match go here for your fix and its a one off that you’ll be wearing to that wedding/party/races!

Next door to Enrique, next to Climpson & Sons is Clare Spencer who has a vast range of amazing pieces from so many periods, all really well selected with great attention to detail.

Last but not least a visit to @ladyjanesvintagebandwagon  Jane oozes cool and collects THE best pieces from Bathsheva type prairie dresses through Laura Ashley prints and beautiful cashmere.

There always something for everyone with a little deep digging you’ll find a treasure that is unique.