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The Butchery Guide to BBQ Season

Win when you're grilling with our expert guide to what you should be cooking up this summer, from Ruth and Nathan at The Butchery.

Skip the supermarket-bought sausages and the sad burgers for something altogether more sophisticated this summer. We asked our resident award-winning butchers, Ruth and Nathan of The Butchery E1, what meaty treats should be donning your grill this BBQ season.

The showstopper:
Bone-in Ribeye, £28/kg

For the serious griller who wants to make a serious impression, we’d pit our dry-aged beef against the best in London – in fact, the best in world – we’ve placed at silver-medal level in the World’s Best Steak competition.

There are as many ways to cook a steak as there are people who love it. We like to keep it simple and let the quality of the beef shine. A very hot barbeque, a temperature probe and salt (save the pepper for when it comes off the grill otherwise it burns and goes bitter).

Our ribeye and sirloin on the bones are a popular choice for barbequing, and especially for those who want to test out the “reverse sear” method currently in vogue. Also, look out for our T-bone, aka the famous bistecca Fiorentina.


The easy win:
Butterflied lamb leg, £18.50/kg (a kilo serves 4-6)
Flatiron steak, £19.95/kg

Forget spring lamb, British native breed lamb (and hogget) has so much flavour in late spring and summer – and is still tender. We marinate a piece of boneless leg in a classic blend of olive oil, garlic, lemon zest, rosemary and thyme, which just smells like summer when it hits the grill. Cook it like you would a large steak, and rest it well.

Flatiron is our most reliable steak for barbequing. You can cook it fast on a very hot barbeque. You can leave it a bit longer as the coals are dying and you’ll get a beautiful tender result. It’s ideal for those who love it rare, but can handle going to medium-well (with a bit of care) for those who prefer it. For a balance of flavour Vs value Vs tenderness, it’s the best steak in the shop.

And, should the changeable English weather strike, the butterflied lamb is a brilliant quick roast in the oven, and the flatiron is easily cooked in a griddle pan, or turned into a quick stir-fry or Thai-style beef salad.

The local favourite:
The Spitalfields sausage, £10/kg (approx. 9-12 hand-tied sausages in a kilo)
Beef & bone marrow burger, £1.95/each

These are the sausages that won the popular vote for our Spitalfields Sausage Search competition! Inspired by London’s history of gin making, these have a hint of juniper in the seasonings – and of course are made with the same carefully sourced, free-range, native breed pork that is in our counter.
We recommend them in a posh sausage sandwich, a tall, cool G&T in the other hand. (Or, if the clouds roll in, they’re just as good with mash and gravy.)

Our burgers are made with our dry-aged beef, so they’re deeply savoury, and for added richness, we include a portion of bone-marrow in the blend. These are the burgers that inspired the custom blend we make for our neighbours Bleecker (just round the corner) so you can have a go at recreating what is possibly (probably) London’s best burger.
(Don’t season them until the very second before you put them on the grill – salt only.)


Feed a crowd:
Kofte, 90p-£1.20 each
Summer specials

Our kofte are made with a blend of lamb, beef and pork – depending on what we have in stock – plus fresh and dried herbs, garlic and a touch of chilli. These guys are ready to go, so it’s as easy as putting them on the barbeque and turning
Gather a bunch of flatbreads, salads and dips, and let everyone make their own wraps. Couldn’t be easier, and saves on washing up.

Also, keep an eye out in our counter as if we’re sure a good weekend is on the horizon, we’ll make marinated chicken or beef skewers, marinated chicken wings, and put sausages on special.