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Meet the Trader – Hipish Vintage

We speak to stallholder Matthew about vintage sportswear, sustainable fashion and 2022 trends.

Tell us about Hipish… What inspired you to start selling vintage?

I grew up in the mid 90s and I used to always go to vintage shops with my sisters, I was very into it back then , all the vintage from the very earl 80s and the 70s. Then I just kind of forgot about it.

Until I went to a kilo sale that reminded me how amazing it all was, especially the old sportswear.

I bought far too much for myself and so decided to sell it and I realised I really enjoyed it. My favourite thing about it is going to pick out the items, even more than selling it and that is the most important part of the job.


Is the fact that vintage is sustainable fashion a draw?

While I didn’t get into it because of that, it’s nice to know that what I was doing is 0n par with where we are in the world. The more I have looked into it, the more it’s changed my whole angle.

Of course you can just go for the Nike or Cahartt, all the stuff that people want… but what happens to the other stuff? I’ve realised you shouldn’t just look for the label, you should look for something you like and think about the sustainability.

There is nothing wrong with new clothing, as long as the way the new clothing is being produced is sustainable and ethical and also that the people making the clothes are being treated well.

I have started to take that to the next level – which is doing a reworked range. When items that are damaged, rather than people just not buying them, I’m repairing them and selling them that way.


What are you looking for when you source pieces?

I love colour and just something that excites me. It doesn’t have to be colourful, but I have to like it.

I could easily have loads of certain labels and things that I know would sell… but I don’t buy them because that’s not my thing.

You are putting a bit of you into it and that’s what makes each vintage seller different.


What are your bestsellers at Old Spitalfields Market?

Varsity sweatshirts – university sports teams and university sweatshirts – have been one of my biggest sellers here. Along with Nike sweatshirts, Adidas, funky colour knitwear, coats and jackets.

I have American football jerseys that don’t sell that much, but they pull people in. There’s something about football and sports jerseys that excite people, even if they don’t end up buying them. I like having them on the stall because they look good.


What do you think will be the most sought after vintage fashion items if 2022?

Y2K fashion is coming back more and more, which I don’t know how I feel about, because it was an awful era for fashion in many ways.

Flares are back, cord is back, skinny jeans and bootleg jeans are coming back. Also American hunting print, although it’s not for everyone.

Then colour… I think people are getting braver with what they wear.


Which other shops and stalls at Old Spitalfields Market would you recommend to friends?

This is hard because I respect all the traders here so much. I would say Maya’s Crown, because I believe in what she is doing, upcycling vintage silk saris into pyjamas and gowns, then Michael the Spitalfields Hatman, because he is a legend here.


Blanc Prints are my friends and I love what they do. I would say they are the art equivalent of what I do because they are very colourful, as are Velo and Two Stones.