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Discover Our Favourite Sunny Street Food Spots

A guide to sunny day lunches from around the Market and the best places to eat them out in the open.

While the shaded tables of our covered Market are a great spot to spend your summer lunch break, if you’d rather grab a take out and make a break for the sunshine, there’s no shortage of spaces in E1 where you can catch a few rays.

What to Eat / The  Shrimpster from Shrimpy

Nothing quite channels Floridian beach vibes like a big pile of fried shrimp.

Enjoy yours packed into a easy-to-handle brioche bun, but ordering Shrimpy’s signature Shrimpster Burger.

Served with seaside-y samphire and a choice of tempting toppings it’s not to be missed.

Where to Eat / Lamb Street

Find a free bench, or a comfy-looking curb, in the little modern square directly opposite the Market’s pretty Lamb Street stores.

Not only is it one of the sunniest spots in E1, it’s also a prime people-watching spot.

There’s even a central modern sculpture, perfect for lunchtime inspiration (and leaning on if you can’t find anywhere to sit).

What to Eat / Jian Bing from Pleasant Lady Trading

Beautifully wrapped and exactly a handful, Jian Bing from Pleasant Lady Trading are the ultimate street food.

Each order is made fresh… the dough batter is crisped on the traditional hot plate until golden brown, an egg is cracked, a nutty sauce is layered, and fresh vegetables added along with a choice of  Jian Bing the has a choice of Iberico Char Siu Pork, Cumin spiced Lamb, or Grilled Miso Chicken.

These pockets of deliciousness are best enjoyed right away, so make haste if you are heading out for some sun.

Where to Eat / Christ Church Steps

A neighbourhood icon, Christ Church Spitalfields has been a meeting place for centuries. As well as offering weekly Sunday services and a unique events space, in the week its picturesque steps are the perfect place to sit and watch the world go by. Join the others lunchers and tourists on the beautiful Portland stone stairs and enjoy one of the area’s best vistas.

What to Eat / Goat Curry from Cafe Caribbean

Warren and the team at Cafe Caribbean serve up plates of sunshine all year round from their space on the Lamb Street side of the Market.

While we’re mad about their Ackee and Salt Fish and Jerk Chicken, it’s the Goat Curry served with rice n peas that we just can’t live without.

Where to Eat It / Christ Church Garden

A pretty pocket of green right at the heart of E1, the gardens of Christ Church are like a little local secret, rarely noticed by the passing traffic and tourists.

Proper seating space here is limited, so pack a blanket, lean on a tree, or prepare to get cosy with your neighbour on one of the highly sought after bench spots.