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Ice Up Your Life!

Chill out this summer with some of the Market's heatwave-busting new menus, packed with iced drinks and desserts.

Affrogato at Climpson and sons
Affrogato at Climpson and sons

Are you finding summer in the city too hot to handle? Our traders and restaurants have added some seasonal treats to their menus guaranteed to help you stay cool.

Doughnut Cone Ice Creams at Twisterlicious

You’ll now find newcomers Twisterlicious serving up their famous doughnut ice cream cones in the Market. Select your cone and they will fill it with enough delicious ice cream to bring on a brain-freeze. From the Ferrero Rocher topped ‘Twister Queen’ to the English summer inspired ‘Strawberries and Cream’, everyone’s an Instagram-worthy winner.

Affrogato, Ice Cream Floats & Nitro Coffee at Climpson and Sons

Our corner coffee stall Climpson and Sons are kings of the seasonal shake-up. Their summer menu features Affrogatos and Ice Cream floats using homemade Nona’s Gelato and a house Nitro Cold Brew. In need of something stronger? Check out their Lo-Fi Nitro Coffee Martini.

Crepes & Shakes at Crêpeaffaire

Satisfy your sweet tooth while cooling down at Crêpeaffaire this summer. They’ve added great new Vegan Shakes, boozy Hard Shakes and an epic ’99 Flake Crêpe to their seasonal menu. Get ready for some serious sprinkles.

Wheelcakes & IceCream at Wheelcake Island

Convinced you just can’t top the fluffy pancake joy of a Wheelcake Island wheelcake? Try adding some ice cream on the side. They’ve just launched an array of tempting flavours perfectly paired with their chocolate, custard and matcha wheelcakes.

Strawberry and Yuzu Ice Cream at Wagamama

Head up to our mezzanine level Wagamama terrace for a cooling take on an English Summer Classic. Their Strawberry and Yuzu ice cream, served with raspberry compote and mint, is like Wimbledon in a bowl, with tasty twist.

Coffee Slushy at Mr Coffee and Mrs Cake

It’s a well-known fact, that during a heatwave, all drinks taste better frozen. Our Italian coffee van Mr Coffee and Mrs Cake are full on the case, serving up frappe on tap. We’ve never see a slushy machine put to such good use.

doughnut cones Twisterlicious
doughnut cones Twisterlicious
strawberry and yuzu ice cream at wagamama
strawberry and yuzu ice cream at wagamama