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How to Pick up a Work By a World Famous Artist For As Little As £50

This July's Art on a Postcard charity exhibition and auction is a chance to purchase work from the biggest names in Urban Contemporary and Street Photography. All you have to do is bid on their anonymous lots... Here are our tips on the hottest names to look out for.

Ben Eine

Born in London, Ben Eine is one of the most successful street artists in the world and regarded as a pioneer in the exploration of graffiti letterforms.  The only British Painter to be hung in the White House,  he achieved overnight international fame when David Cameron gave his painting “Twenty-first Century City” to Barack Obama as a gift. Originally a graffiti writer, Eine started his career over 30 years ago, leaving his first tag all over London before developing his distinct typographic style. As co-curator of this latest Art on a Postcard exhibition, along side Dougie Wallace, expect to find some hidden Eine amongst the works displayed.

Dougie Wallace

East London-based Dougie Wallace is internationally recognised for his long-term social documentary projects and a distinct direct style of expressive street photography. His critically-acclaimed work includes Shoreditch Wild Life, an autobiographical account of living in Shoreditch, Road Wallah, a unique insight into the world of Bombay cab drivers and the Harrodsburg series, telling the story of glut, greed and the wealth gap, through the prism of London’s lavish designer shops, resembling minimalist art installations. Dougie is co-curating this latest Art on a Postcard exhibition, along with Ben Eine.

Melanie Einzig

A freelance photographer with over two decades of experience working in New York. With a background in art and photojournalism, she brings a love of aesthetics, an interest in people and the ability to identify the key dramatic moments of any kind of event. Melanie works very quietly and unobtrusively in order to record the most genuine moments in a natural way.

1UP Crew

1UP Crew, or One United Power, are a notorious Berlin graffiti collective established in 2003. Known for their prolific tags in daredevil locations, from shipwrecks to church steeples.  Their distinctive tag can be widely seen marked on buildings all throughout Berlin and across the world on walls, roofs and abandoned buildings. Could 1UP have struck again – this time on a postcard in London?

Anthony Lister

Based in Sydney Australia, Lister is one of the world’s most acclaimed contemporary artists, known for his “highbrow” meets “lowbrow” pop-surrealist graffiti, paintings, and installations. Widely exhibited at some of contemporary art’s best known galleries, including Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin,  Allouche Gallery in New York and Olsen Gallery in Sydney, Lister works go for £1,000’s so it’s definitely worth keeping your eyes peeled for a postcard sized Lister in the haystack.


This Spanish duo are considered two of the most influential street artists of our time. Known for their mantra of ‘two minds, four eyes and four hands, painting one work’, their super technical work blends the ancient and modern – classical Greek and Roman, hyper-real with modern graffiti styles. They have recently completed one of the largest murals in the Northern Hemisphere, and while their postcard entry may be small in comparison, at least it’s one of their easier pieces to hang at home .



Paulo Ito

Paulo Ito is a Brazilian street artist, who drew international attention for his protest mural against 2014 FIFA World Cup, where a visibly hungry young boy appeared with a football on his plate, instead of food. His work is notorious for its strong social commentary about contemporary life in the city and and can be found in cities including Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Lisbon, Barcelona, Berlin, Krakow, Rio de Janeiro, Fortaleza and São Paulo.


Craig Reilly

Craig Reilly is a London based street photographer and god father of urban photography. With a knack for capturing people in an urban moment, he shares his passion and skills through workshops and is co-founder of the Street Photography International Collective (SPi), curating its Instagram account to be the largest dedicated street photography platform in the world with 900,000 followers and growing. It gains 16 million visits a month, and has over 2 million images in its pool of submitted work.

Ed Kashi

Ed Kashi is an acclaimed photojournalist whose work is dedicated to documenting the social and geopolitical issues of our times. He has covered topics as diverse as the impact of oil in Nigeria,  the lives of Jewish settlers in the West Bank, the impact of an aging society through his groundbreaking project, Aging in America, and the global epidemic of Chronic Kidney Disease among agricultural workers. He has generated enough work to fill 6 books and has been published and exhibited around the world.

Lady Pink

Born in Ecuador and raised in NYC, Lady Pink is an American graffiti writer. Working in and around New York, she paints murals and makes fine art, inspired by social justice and women’s rights. When she started writing graffiti in 1979, she soon became known as the only female capable of competing with the boys in the graffiti subculture and in more recent years has established herself in the fine arts world. Fancy picking up a Lady Pink? Keep a look out for themes of female empowerment as a pro-feminist message runs throughout her work.

You can view the Art on a Postcard exhibition of around 600 postcard-size artworks upstairs on the Old Spitalfields Market Mezzanine from July 2 – 7. Bidding for all works starts at £50. The auction runs June 26 – July 10 2019 on Paddle8.

Art on a Postcard raises money for The Hepatitis C Trust.

Participating Artists include…

1Up Crew . Adam Riches . Adam Bridgeland . Adele  Renault . Adrian Whear . Agheras . Al Durer . Alan Ket . Alec DeMarco . Alex Senna . Alexandre Lawniczak . Alice Pasquini . Alison McCauley . Amanda Oliveira . Analia Saban . Anat Ronen . André Gelpke . Andrej Zikic . Andrew Schoultz . Andrey Glazkov . Angela Ho . Angry Dan . Ania Klosek . Anna Mac . Anna Tsvell . Anthony Lister . Anthony Carver . Art of Bust . Awkward . Babak Kanaani Barry Reigate . Beau Stanton . Ben Allen . Ben Challen . Ben Edge . Ben Turnball . Benjamin One . Bill Stephenson . Blake Andrews . Boy Kong . Brunel Johnson . C215 . Çağlar DOĞAN . Caleb Stein . Camilla Ferrari . Cankor . Cansu  Yıldıran . Carly Clarke . Cédric  Pierre-Bez . Ceres – ‘The Taffy’ Cern . Chad Kouri . Charles Traub . Charlie Anderson . Charlotte Hopkins Hall . Chehehe . Chekos . Cheo . Chris Levine . Christiane Spangsberg . Chu  Viet Ha . Chuck Elliot . CJP . Clem Onojeghuo . Clive Sefton . Constantin  Mashinskiy . Craig Reilly . Craig Semetko . Crash . Dalek . Dan Cimmerman . Dave Reading . Dave White . David Lurie . David Ingraham . David Roos . David Bray . David Walker . David Bergamini . . Dephine LeBourgeois . Dominik Gackstatter . Donato Di Camillo . Douglas Hoekzema . Duncan Weston . Ed Peters . Ed Kashi . Eddie Colla . Eldar Khamitov . Eliza Hopewell . Enrico Markus Essl . Eric Davidove . Eric Inkala . Euan Roberts . Evi Antonio . Fafi . FAITH XLVII . Fake . Fanakapan . Felix Dolah . Florence Blanchard . Franck Duval . Frankie Mcallister . Frederico Draw . Fulvio Bugani . Gary Mark Smith . Gary Stranger . Genevieve Hafner . George Dawnay . Gommie Gommie . Gustavo Minas . Hannah Adamaszek . Heesco . Helen Zughaib . Henrike Gomber . Hikari Shimoda . Hugh Rawson . Icy and Sot . It’s a Living . Jack Davison . Jake Spicer . James Joyce . Jayson Lilley . JB Maher . Jeff Blackburn . Jeremy Perez-Cruz . Jess Wilson . JFK Turner . Jimmy C . JJ Adams . Joe Holbrook . Jofre Oliveras . Jonathan Lawes . Jonathan Sharp . Joseph Cela . Joseph Loughborough . Josh Edgoose . Juan2 . Julia Arredondo . Julie Hrudova . Jussi Kapanen . Kai and Sunny . Kapu Collective . Karl Bielik . Karolina Trapp . Knox Bertie . Krek . Kristen Liu-Wong . Kunstrasen . Lady Pink . Lasse Erkola . Lauren  Roche . Lee Wagstaff . Lewis  Bannister . Loïc Mondé . Loribelle Spirovski . Luca Paccusse . Lucie Flynn . Lucy Gough . MadC . Madeleine Lewis . Mademoiselle Maurice . Magda Cwik . Maismenos . Mankichi  Shinshi . Mano Svanidze . Manuel Pena . Marc Fairhurst . Marcelo Velho . Marie-Louise Miller . Mark Powell . Martha Cooper . Martin Whatson . Matthew Small . Matt Hall . Matthew Hoffman . Matthew  Webb . Melanie Enizig . Melissa  O’Shaughnessy . Michael Damian . Michael Goldrei . Michael Lindeman . Mikael  Brandrup . Mirko Martin . Miron Zownir . Miss Van . Mister Everybody . Mode2 . Monica  Flannery . Monsta . Mr Cenz . Mustafa Hacalaki . NEVERCREW . Ngadi Smart . Nick Walker . Nick Watson . Nick Thomm . Nils Jorgensen . Nino-Ana Samkharadze . Nixon Ink . Olga  Karlovac . Oliver Bettsworth . Otto Schade . Owen Dipper . Pablo Alison . Parham Ghalamdar . Patty Jansen . Paul Kingsley-Squire . Paulo Ito . Pejac . Pepe Hanze . Perishable Rush . Peter Funch . Peter Kool . Peter Clarkson . Phil Penman . PichiAvo . Raterstache . REUBEN  DANGOOR . Roberta Coni . Roberto Bordiga . ROSTARR . Ronya Galka . Ruby Ray . Sabi North . Salvatore Matarazzo . Samuel Bassett . Sandra Chevrier . Sara Melhuish . Saturno . Seamus Travers . Shane Turner . SheOne . Shin Noguchi . Shinya Arimoto . Shok1 . Sick Boy . Siegfried Hansen . SISMIKAZOT . Skount . Snikarts . Sonny . Soraya Matos . Stefano Phen . Sticky Jim . Stom 500 . Tame 55 . Taras Bychko . Tez . The London Police .  THEIC . Thomas Dryden-Kelsey . Tom Gerrard . Tom Adams . Tomohiro Takagi . Txema Rodríguez . Vanessa Teodoro . Vhils . Vojtech Kovarik . Vyal . Walter  Rothwell . Wayne Horse . WhlsBe . William  LaChance . Yanko Tihov . Young Lim Lee . Yusuke Hanai . Zabou . Zalez . Zimer NYC


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