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Dumpling Shack’s Guide to Chinese New Year in London

Find out why Chinese New Year is all about food and family with the team from The Kitchens' dumpling all-stars.

Dumpling Shack in The Kitchens attracts crowds of hungry customers every day, for their signature shengjianbao, wonton soups and noodles. Having spent 3 years perfecting their dumpling recipes before hitting London’s street food scene, John and Yee regularly travel back to China to learn and be inspired. 


Chinese New Year is on Tuesday 5th February, how do you traditionally celebrate?

“We usually eat a large meal with the family. As with most Chinese celebrations, it’s very much a family affair.”


What’s your favourite food to eat around Chinese New Year?

“Got to be ginger and spring onion lobster on a bed of crispy noodles cooked by my dad!”

Do you cook anything special around Chinese New Year for yourselves?

“We like to cook special dishes like Chinese mushroom stew, abalone and sea cucumber.”


Will you have a Dumpling Shack special on the menu for Chinese New Year?

“We’re planning something special for our menu, you can follow our Instagram for details, plus this year we are organising an awesome event with our good friends at Food & Lycra.”


Where else in London who you recommend to eat as we welcome The Year of the Pig?

“Head to Four Seasons Golden Dragon in Chinatown, where you can pre-order a whole suckling pig to celebrate.”


Do you ever attend any Chinese New Year Events in London?

“It’s great to watch the dragon dance in China Town”.


You’ll find Dumpling Shack open 7 days a week in The Kitchens.