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Discover ‘Delicious Freedom’

We speak to Miranda Roberts from Shrimpy in The Kitchens about her new guide to street food success.

Q: You’ve written a book! Tell us what it’s about?

It’s a how-to guide to setting up your own street food stall, with stories and advice from the people who have done it successfully.


Q: The book features lots of stories of those trying to make their way in the street food world. What’s your favourite?

Obviously the ones where things go wrong! Always nice to hear you’ve not been alone whilst making stupid mistakes… There’s a particularly good one about not locking your fridges in the back of the truck and driving to an event to find all your prep all over everything, absolute nightmare!


Q: If you had read this book 10 years ago, what would you have done differently?

SO MUCH. We would have written a business plan to start off with, and through that we would have had a much better idea about who we were as a business and what we wanted to do. We lost a lot of money in those early years just through pure ignorance and bad guesswork!


Q: Other than to read your book, what’s your top tip for anyone setting out in the street food industry?

Sell something you’re passionate about, you need to sell your product everyday to customers, potential sites markets and festivals, if you’re not passionate and excited by what you’re doing how do you expect anyone else to care?


Q: Finish the following sentence: If I wasn’t running my own street food business I would be…

An amateur sleuth, i’m obsessed with detective novels and so obviously think i’d be a natural but the reality would be probably just a lot of sitting around waiting for stuff to happen which I absolutely hate. Probably best to stick to the day job?!


You can buy ‘Delicious Freedom’ here.