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Christmas Gift Ideas for R & R

Indulgent presents to inspire rest and relaxation.

Mercantile London

Birkenstock Arizona Sheepskin Mink Sandals


These are not simply classic comfort Birkenstocks – they are ultra fluffy cosy Birkenstocks. We promise that on every walk around the neighbourhood or just couple of steps around the house, they will feel like they are floating on a cloud.


La Prouveresse Candle 220g


When you gift a candle from Diptyque you are not only giving your loved ones a unique scent, you are also giving them stylish decoration for life. The matte porcelain pot of the La Prouveresse is handmade, ensuring every single piece is a unique keeper.


Rouge Allure Velvet Le Lion De Chanel Set With 3 Lip Colours 


Chanel lip colours boast the dream combination of looking great, while also feeling silky on the lips. This limited edition trio is an excellent present for anyone who wears lipstick, whether it’s daily or for special occasions only.

Duck and Dry

Texturising Sea Salt Spray


Sea salt spray is the magic every one needs whether they go to a Christmas party or just looking for the final touch for the “messy hair don’t care” kinda look. Give them the gift of a great hair day.


Reversible Workout Mat


This is a perfect gift for all the yoga & fitness lovers or those who will set some strict New Year’s resolutions for them selves – again! Take it to a next level with Peloton’s subscription or a bikes.


Sacred elephant incense sticks


If you are tired of giving them candles, try something different this year. How about a combination of different incense sticks?

Flying Tiger

Shaving kit


Not a fan of that lingering Movember facial hair?  Send a signal with this shaving kit from Flying Tiger.


Flavanone Mud


If you think the Ordinary range is too ordinary for your special ones, give them a piece from DECIEM’s NIOD range. You will be giving them a very advanced skincare technology.