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5 Cult Beauty Products You Can’t Live Without

We spoke to the experts at Deciem to uncover this season’s most covetable beauty products for healthy and flawless Instagram-worthy skin.

Nicola Kilner is Co-CEO at Decium, the Abnormal Beauty Company who strive for authenticity and function in their carefully edited umbrella of emerging beauty brands. Kilner shares with us her top 5 recommended products for instant results and skin maintenance during the autumn winter season.

1. NIOD Survival 0, £20

So effective it’s won awards, this nighttime serum works for all skin tones. While you sleep, it cleverly targets the effects of “oxygen radicals” which basically means pollution, smog, stress, infrared and that blue computer light – the results are instant, and silky smooth.

2. Hylamide Hydra-Density Mist. £15

This refreshing facial mist hydrates, without being oily, and gently soothes the skin. It reduces signs of inflammation and redness for a calm and rested effect. Think of it as a modern toner, best used morning and evening on your face and neck, prior to applying your serum or cream.


“Perfect for your gym bag or pre-work beauty routine”

3. Fountain Super Hyaluronic, £43
If you happen to find this product in stock you should buy it – it tends to sell out fast and with good reason. The concentrated supplement is designed to encourage plump and healthy skin from the inside. Two teaspoons a day promotes wonderfully hydrated skin with a bonus sweetener ingredient Xylitol proven to help the production of collagen.

4. The Ordinary Squalane, £5.50
Squalane is a natural hydrator found in the skin – during colder months, this 100% plant-derived solution is an ideal boost for all-year round hydration and suppleness. It can also be used on the hair for protection against heat, breakage and moisture loss. This non-greasy formula should be applied to the face daily after water-based treatments.

5. HIF Hydration, £25

This time-saving hair product is a shampoo and conditioner combined. Work into wet hair, leave for 3 minutes then rinse – perfect for your gym bag or pre-work beauty routine. Cleansing, hydrating and good for combating frizz, this popular product deep cleanses for prime condition hair and a healthy scalp.